Relax zone


Mineral water pool:

Don't miss it!

Our pool is equipped with massage jets and a the water temperature is around 36 degrees. Gurgle of bubbles is especially soothing and the strong jet of water will do even massage your entire body which improves blood circulation exclusively.

The benefits of mineral water are numerous and known to all: it contributes to stimulate the function of the cells, improve blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, increases the enzymatic reactions and metabolism, promotes vasomotor and nervous autonomic functions, reduces pain, it turns soporific effect intensifies secretion and motility of the stomach, improves liver function, increases immunological processes has anti-inflammatory effect and many others.

Sauna: Always enter soother. In some ways, the sauna is similar to meditation - The purity of the body, it frees you from stress and tension.

Steam bath: It is recommended that this procedure be combined with subsequent cold shower or a pool bath.