About Ognianovo village


Ognyanovo village is nestled between the mountains Rila and Pirin. It has a specific microclimate, which is linked to our natural flowering of acacia plantations. Ognyanovo known balnoelozhki center whose most popular and large spa is known as oil. Half a kilometer north of the village in the area Krayselsko have a group of seven mineral springs and one test well with temperature 35-39,5 ° C and low mineralization suitable for treating diseases of the musculoskeletal, neurological, gynecological and urological diseases. In 1963 Ognyanovo was declared a spa resort with local importance.

Mineral water:

Ognyanovo has its own mineral water spring known as the "Oil". The mineral water is hot 43 degrees, clear, colorless, odorless, slightly mineralized and low total water hardness. There is a strong alkaline PH 8.1 - 9.4. It is suitable for the treatment of diseases: bone diseases, neurological diseases, gynecological diseases, gastrointestinal and liver diseases, endocrine diseases, diseases of the urinary tract, children, nursing and occupational diseases.

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